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Author: Preeti DesaiPosted on 15-07-2014

I have researched and studied lifestyle habits especially food and exercise habits for more than 14 years.

Learning, listening to solutions provided by many specialists and doctors for myriad chronic diseases has convinced me that our food habits, physical activity options, stress levels, and even sleeping habits determines if we will lead a healthy active life or suffer from aches and pains, age early, or may suffer from obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis or Alzheimer’s.

During my research, I have carefully asked questions and listened to people talk about their food choices. What I usually hear, is what people don’t like, what they would like to avoid, what they are trying to cut down, or what they know they should eliminate.

It is rare that someone responds to my questioning by describing what they love to eat, and that food nourishes them, and that those foods are a mandatory part of their diet.

What to eat, what to avoid, what to minimize are topics that evoke a passionate response from a few, and confused response from most.

Problem is most of us enjoy eating only a few foods regularly thus limiting the nutrients that we could get from variety of foods.

Gud2eat.com, Eat Well Series (eBook series) is an endeavor to provide easy access to a variety of healthy foods attached with brief reasons of their nutritional value.

This effort will also help me reach many readers plus donate food gifts to senior homes, orphanages, eunuch colonies, in metros, towns and villages in India.

Though I look forward to your suggestions, comments, or queries - they may have to wait for a few weeks as I'm juggling just too many activities currently.

Appreciate that you stopped by :)

Preeti Desai, Nutritionist

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