Diet plan post a weightlifting workout

Author: Preeti DesaiPosted on 04-07-2014

Why should weightlifters eat immediately post workout? The right meal or snack with right nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and water after an intense weightlifting session helps refuel and keep your muscles healthier.

Meals 30 – 60 minutes post weightlifting should include both carbohydrates and proteins they help replenish glycogen stores and speed up recovery of broken down, damaged or fatigued muscles.

Should weightlifters eat carbohydrates post workout?


When you do weight lifting you deplete your Glycogen stores and it is important to replenish your Glycogen stores immediately 30 – 60 minutes post work out.

Include complex carbohydrates like whole grain foods, beans or lentils, vegetables and some fruits, as well as nutrient dense simple carbohydrates like fresh juice, some fruits and vegetables.

Weightlifters should eat dairy foods post workout


One cup of milk contains about 9 grams of protein and like other low fat dairy products like yogurt and cheese helps refuel muscles and speed up muscle recovery.

Low fat milk is a healthy combination of both carbohydrates and protein and makes an ideal snack post a weightlifting session.

Weightlifters should eat meat post workout


Fish, turkey, skinless chicken are protein rich foods that help build muscle mass and helps muscle tissue repair.

You need to combine lean meats or fish with complex carbohydrate foods to help your body recover quickly following a workout like whole grain wrap and turkey, brown rice with tuna or whole grain bread with skinless chicken…

Water is essential weightlifters post workout


It is vital to drink water before workout during it and after workout as it helps maintain energy levels as well as prevents muscle fatigue.

Quick digesting liquid carbohydrates like pure fruit or vegetable juice, a soup or smoothie or a juice can help replenish lost glycogen and if made out of fruits and vegetables it will help correct electrolyte imbalance if any as well as hydrate you.

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