Diet plan post a cycling workout

Author: Preeti DesaiPosted on 04-07-2014

Proper nutrition a must after recreational exercise like cycling. A post work out meal is important after cycling or swimming to replenish glycogen stores and speed up recovery of broken down, damaged or fatigued muscles.

Meals post workout should include carbohydrates, proteins and water to keep your muscles healthier. Note muscle glycogen re-synthesizes at a faster rate up to an hour post exercise.

Importance of carbohydrates post cycling or swimming session


Activities like cycling or swimming require constant energy for a period of time and are fueled by muscle glycogen stores.

Eating carbohydrate post exercise helps restore Glycogen stores as well as help repair muscles and boost energy for day to day activities after exercising. Add carbohydrates like whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils.

When to eat a healthy meal post cycling or swimming session?


Eat a healthy snack consisting of complex carbohydrates and protein within 30 – 60 minutes post exercise routine as your muscles absorb most nutrients as it is the peak time for Glycogen synthesis.

Eat a light meal that has whole grains, vegetables, beans, dairy products, lean meat 2 hours post workout to allow for optimal muscle growth and recovery.

Milk excellent post cycling or swimming session


Cyclists or swimmers should eat carbohydrates and proteins post exercise as it helps build muscle mass, speeds muscle tissue repair and reduces muscle soreness.

Milk has both carbohydrates and protein thus helps muscle recovery and restore glycogen stores and also ensure overall growth. Adding banana or almonds to milk makes it tastier as well as healthy.

Water is essential post cycling or swimming session


It is vital to drink water before workout during it and after workout as it helps maintain energy levels as well as prevents muscle fatigue.

Quick digesting liquid carbohydrates like pure fruit or vegetable juice, a soup or smoothie or a juice can help replenish lost glycogen and if made out of fruits and vegetables it will help correct electrolyte imbalance if any as well as hydrate you.

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