Foods that help build muscle mass

Author: Preeti DesaiPosted on 04-07-2014

Did you know to build muscle mass you need a variety of proteins, veggies, fruits, carbs, and healthy fats?

Nutrition is really not all that complicated a topic. Since you have figured out how to train smart add on to your strength gains be eating well for all food groups and just not protein rich meals.

Protein helps build muscle mass


If you are engaged in muscle strengthening you will need more protein than what you have with a regular diet. Muscle training leads to muscle tissue breakdown and needs dietary proteins to help repair, rebuild, and increase muscle mass.

Include protein rich foods like eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, beans, lentils, soy products, fish and lean meats in your diet.

Carbohydrates and muscle mass


Did you know that even muscle recovery is dependent on restoring depleted muscle glycogen stores in the body, which come from carbohydrates?

Combine both carbohydrates and proteins in your meal and the size of your meal depends on your size, age, metabolism and workout routine.

Essential fats and muscle mass


Include fatty fish like Salmon or Tuna; Vegetarians can add flax seeds or walnuts to their diet to get a healthy dose of essential fatty acids. Include 20% of calories from good fatty foods or unsaturated fats.

Post exercise the body requires essential fatty acids as muscle cell membranes that are composed of fat molecules are damaged during exercise and need to be repaired.

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