Eat a healthy meal after exercising

Author: Preeti DesaiPosted on 04-07-2014

It doesn't matter when you work up a sweat, be it morning or evening and eating right helps give you energy and stamina for the entire workout plus eating after you work out helps your body to repair muscle tissues and replenish glycogen stores.

So replenish yourself correctly as that will help make sure you're getting the most out of your workout.

When to eat a healthy meal after exercising?


Eat a healthy snack consisting of complex carbohydrates and protein within 30 – 60 minutes post exercise routine as your muscles absorb most nutrients as it is the peak time for Glycogen synthesis.

Eat a light meal that has whole grains, vegetables, beans, dairy products, lean meat 2 hours post workout to allow for optimal muscle growth and recovery.

Should you add carbohydrates to your meal after exercising?


You need to include Carbohydrate in your post exercise to restore Glycogen stores as well as help repair muscles and boost energy for day to day activities after exercising.

Carbohydrates post workout also helps restore blood sugar levels thus sparing the body's protein for muscle repair they also help boost metabolism and fuel brain activity.

Some healthy carbohydrate foods post exercise


Always choose nutritious low carbohydrate foods to refuel after a workout.

Foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber and are digested slowly providing energy for a longer period of time.

Should you add proteins to your meal after exercising?


Protein in post exercise meal helps build muscle mass and speeds up muscle tissue repair reduces muscle soreness.

Protein also stops cortisol, a stress chemical in the body, from breaking down amino acids into glucose, which may lead to increased fat storage.

Some healthy protein foods post exercise


Choose lean or complete protein food sources basically foods that contain all 9 essential amino acids as they are critical for muscle repair and recovery after a workout.

Good protein sources include fat free soy products, low fat dairy products, lean meats, skinless poultry and fish.

Should you drink fluids after exercising?


It is essential to drink water or energetic liquids during and after your workout as they help prevent dehydration plus make you feel energetic.

Natural juices, milkshakes, smoothies or soups post workout help replace calcium, potassium and chloride. Liquid foods that contain protein like milk, yogurt or chicken soup help repair damaged muscles as well as hydrate them.

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