Plan post exercise meals

Author: Preeti DesaiPosted on 04-07-2014

Why is it essential to restore glycogen stores post exercise? Exercising depletes glycogen stores in the body; in addition, physical activity breaks down muscle fibers, which are then repaired to be stronger for increased strength and endurance.

You need to replenish carbohydrates, protein and water to restore glycogen levels and repair of sore muscles.

Snacks post exercise to restore Glycogen Stores


Include snacks that contain both complex carbohydrates with protein within 30 to 60 minutes post exercise for optimal recovery.

Try whole grain cereal with low fat milk, whole wheat bread with peanut butter, a tuna sandwich, turkey whole grain wrap or whole wheat pita and hummus.

Smoothie post exercise to restore Glycogen Stores


Many find liquid calories easier to drink post exercise as a quick way to replace calories lost during a workout and to ward off muscle fatigue.

Smoothie should contain a combination of quick digesting carbs, such as fruit, and protein for example banana and yogurt or a tablespoon of peanut butter plus frozen berries and skim milk.

Meals post exercise to restore Glycogen Stores


Eat a nutritious meal within an hour after your workout for optimal muscle repair and recovery. Add plenty of vegetables, whole grains and proteins.

Example a whole grain pasta meal plus tomato sauce plus a cup each of broccoli and mushrooms and a serving of chicken or any meat of your choice; Brown rice with vegetables and beans or chicken breast.

Water post exercise vital for Glycogen synthesis


Your fluid intake will depend on the amount of time you have been exercising, the intensity of your exercise routine and the amount you sweat.

You may hydrate yourself with plain water or with quick digesting liquid carbohydrates like a soup or smoothie or a juice.

Replace electrolytes post exercise


If you are doing intense physical activity for a long time (more than 40 minutes) of you have sweated excessively you need to replace your electrolytes.

Potassium is often depleted through sweat and good food sources of potassium include bananas, oranges, raisins, and sweet potatoes.

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