Nutrition post workout

Author: Preeti DesaiPosted on 04-07-2014

Muscle glycogen fuels your workout and needs to be replenished. The amount of Glycogen that is depleted depends on the intensity of your workout.

Ideally everyone should replace glycogen stores immediately after the workout so add complex carbohydrates to your post exercise meal.

Why is post exercise nutrition so important?


Post exercise the glycogen stores are depleted making you feel tired and fatigued and your sore muscles need to rest and repair themselves and this process is accelerated if you eat properly post exercise.

Up to 2 hours following exercise your body will be in a state to absorb maximum nutrients that will be used for repair and replenishment of your body's muscles and glycogen stores.

Why do you require dietary protein post exercise?


When you do strength training it leads to muscle tissue breakdown. When you rest post the exercise the body repairs the damage plus build new muscle tissue as a result strengthening you for a better workout by making your muscle fibers bigger and stronger.

This process of building muscle mass and repairing muscle post exercise requires dietary protein post exercise.

Why is it required to eat carbohydrates post exercise?


It is a myth to you need to eat only protein after exercise if you want to build muscle mass. After exercise the body is depleted of its glucose and glycogen stores as they are used to fuel the workout and for energy needs the body starts to break down lean muscle tissue and fat for energy. Include carbohydrates after any type of exercise to prevent muscles from being broken down for energy needs.

Nutrition post a cardio workout


When you do cardiovascular exercise like running or cycling your muscle glycogen is depleted, so it is essential to refuel your carbohydrate content via mini meals. Complex carbohydrates are best post workout like bananas or oatmeal.

The amount you eat and the type of carbohydrate you eat will determine whether the carbs will be used for restoring muscle glycogen stores or add fat.

Nutrition post a strength training workout


Following an anaerobic workout like strength training your muscles are in need of protein snacks so try a protein shake, eggs, and chicken or tuna sandwich.

Protein in your meals post exercise helps muscle building and recovery.

Nutrition for a cardio plus strength training workout


Replenish carbohydrates, protein and water to restore glycogen levels and repair of sore muscles immediately within 30 to 60 minutes following an exercise routine.

Exercising depletes glycogen stores in the body; in addition, physical activity breaks down muscle fibers, which are then repaired to be stronger for increased strength and endurance.

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